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Cable de Cobre Desnudo

Bare Copper Cable

General description

Bare copper cable at hard, medium-hard or soft temper.


  • Viakons bare copper cables meet the following specifications:
  • NOM-063-SCFI Electric products - conductors - safety requirements.
  • NMX-J-012-ANCE Copper cables with concentric wiring for Electrical Purpose.
  • ASTM B-8 Standard Specification For Concentric-Lay-Stranded Copper Conductors, hard, Medium-hard or soft.

Main applications

  • According to their temper, copper wires are used over isolators on electric distribution lines.
  • On neutral connections and equipment and electrical system groundings.


  • Formed by wires of high purity electrolytic copper with a minimum content of 99.9% copper.
  • Cables are manufactured with a concentric construction.
  • They are made with gages of 0,519 1 to 506,7 mm2 (20 AWG to 1 000 kcmil).
  • Hard, medium hard or soft temper depending on the applications.
  • These products are offered on reel packages.


  • Due to its high electric conductivity, copper is the ideal metal for electrical installations.
  • Copper conductors are corrosion resistant.
  • They offer a great mechanical resistance.
  • More flexible wire due to its structure.

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