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Cable de Aluminio Desnudo con Alma de Acero recubierto de aluminio soldado ACSR/AS

ACSR/AS Steel Core Bare Aluminum Cable

General description

1350-H19 alloy Bare Aluminum Cable, hard drawn, aluminum clad steel core (ACSR/AS or ACSR/AW).


  • Viakons ACSR/AS bare cables meet the following specifications:
  • CFE E0000-18 ACSR/AS Cables
  • ASTM B-549 Concentric - Lay - Stranded Aluminum Conductors, Aluminum-Clad Steel Reinforced (ACSR/AW).

Main applications

  • ACSR/AS cables are used for long distance overhead electrical power transmission and primary or secondary distribution lines in areas where corrosion and contamination, such as coastal or industrial areas, must be considered.


  • ACSR/AS cables are concentric lay stranded with a core of one or more steel wires and covered with welded aluminum cladding.
  • Aluminum alloy 1350-H19 wires, concentrically stranded over a steel core, hard drawn.
  • Made in sizes of 33.62 to 564.0 mm2 (2 AWG to 1113 kcmil).
  • This product is offered on wood reels.


  • The light weight of aluminum, in comparison to coppers weight, reduces the cost of handling, fixtures, posts, etc.
  • Aluminum clad steel core is used to support the required mechanical tensions.
  • The aluminum cladding on steel wires provides protection against corrosion.