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Cable para Pararrayos

Cable for Lightning Arrester

General description

Bare conductor made of various soft drawn copper or aluminum wires, arranged in pairs or in quartets, bunched cables.


  • Viakons lightning protection cables meet the following specifications:
  • UL 96A Installation requirements for Lightning Protection Systems (Installation requirements for Lightning Protection Systems).
  • Note: For products UL approved, contact our Engineering Department.

Main applications

  • Used for point to point connections, inclinations, and grounding wires for lightning arresters in a lightning protection system for buildings and general structures.


  • Wires are made of highly pure copper with a minimum content of 99.9% copper or 1350 alloy aluminum.
  • Soft drawn.
  • Made in sizes from 29.0 to 107.0 mm2.


  • Due to its high conductivity it supports atmospheric discharges.
  • Its structure supports a fast cooling or heat dissipation.
  • High corrosion-resistance.
  • Its flexible structure allows following the outlines of parapets, roofs and eaves during the installation.

Especificaciones Técnicas