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Cable MC con conductores THHN

MC Cable with THHN Conductors

600 V / 90 °C

General description

Cable manufactured with two, three or four conductors, soft drawn copper wires or cables, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) thermoplastic individual insulation and polyamide jacket (nylon), they have an insulated ground cable, binder tape and aluminum alloy reinforcement interlocked armor.


  • Viakons MC Cable with THHN Conductors type meet the following specifications:
  • NOM-001-SEDE Mexican Official Standard. Regarding electric installations.
  • UL 1569 Metal-Clad cables. (cables with an armor)
  • Note: For UL approved products, contact our Engineering Department.

Main applications

  • In strength, lighting, control and signaling circuits.
  • In connections, feeders and derived circuits


  • Maximum operation voltage: 600 V
  • Maximum operation temperature in the conductor: 90°C only in a dry environment.
  • Grounded and insulated conductor identified in green color.
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) thermoplastic insulation and polyamide jacket (nylon


  • Eliminates need to bend, to thread, place supports and in general, do all the work related with lay out and installation of electrical canal pipes.
  • One step installation process reduces time and expense.
  • More efficient than separate installation of canal pipes and cables.
  • Reduces waste of material.