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Cordón Térmico Tipo HPN

Thermal Cord HPN Type

300 V / 90 °C

General description

Soft drawn copper conductor with flexible construction and paper separator (when necessary), thermoplastic material (PVC) insulation/jacket for cables type 1, thermosetting material (Neoprene, CP or CPE) for cables type 2.


  • Viakons electrode cables meet the following specifications:
  • NOM-063-SCFI Electrical products - conductors - safety requirements.
  • NMX-J-037 ANCE Electrode cables for electrical welding machines.
  • NOTE: Can also be manufactured under the ICEA standard.

Main applications

  • Electrode cables are mainly used to supply the electrode for welding machines, both alternate and direct current. They join the machine to the washer holding the electrode and the return circuit.


  • Highly flexible, due to the insulation-jacket and constructed with cords or strands.
  • Maximum operation voltage: 600 V.
  • Manufactured in sizes from 13,30 to 126,70 mm2 (6 AWG to 250 kcmil) flexible stranding class K*.
  • Electrode cables, type 2, offer a better behavior in the presence of flames and oils, as well as resistance to abrasion and mechanical impact.
  • No-flame propagation.
  • Black outer jacket.


  • Soft copper conductors for easy handling and installation, higher flexibility during the operation.
  • Resistant to abrasion, oil, grease, chemical solvents, ozone and moisture.
  • Meet the Flame test FV-2 (NMX-J-192).
  • Suitable for installation in moist or dry locations.
  • Excellent electrical, physical and mechanical properties.

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