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Cable Tipo SHD-GC, 2 kV

Cable SHD-GC Type, 2 kV

90 °C

General description

Multiple conductor cable manufactured with three soft drawn tinned copper conductors, flexible construction, thermosetting ethylene propylene rubber individual insulation (EPR), electrostatic braid soft drawn copper stranded shield, and colored cotton cords for phase identification. They have two bare soft drawn copper neutral conductors and a ground check conductor insulated with yellow thermosetting material, filled circular section, and thermosetting chlorinated polyethylene outer jacket (CPE).


  • Viakons mining cables, SHD-GC type meet the following specifications:
  • ICEA S-75-381 Portable and power feeder cables for use in mining and similar applications (portable cables for mines).

Main applications

  • Mining cables, SHD-GC, type are used to supply electrical power to substations and movable equipment like mechanical shovels, dredgers, digging equipment, energy distribution in underground mining, etc.
  • In 2 kV alternate current (AC) systems where an electrostatic shield is required.


  • Maximum operation voltage: 2000 V.
  • Maximum operation temperature: 90°C.
  • Soft drawn tinned copper conductor, flexible construction, in sizes from 13,3 to 253,4 mm2 (6 AWG to 500 kcmil).
  • Ethylene propylene rubber insulation (EPR) contributes to the cables flexibility.
  • Textile reinforcement jacket provides the cable a higher mechanical resistance.
  • Chlorinated polyethylene extra heavy duty outer jacket (CPE) is resistant to mechanical maltreatment (tear and abrasion), oil, acids and alkalis.
  • No flame propagation characteristic.
  • Black outer jacket.


  • Conductors are soft drawn tinned copper wires for easy handling and installation due to their flexibility.
  • Thermosetting insulation gives them a higher thermal stability.
  • Flexible electrostatic shield that provides safety during the cables operation.
  • Meet the no-flame propagation test (NMX-J-192).
  • Can be installed in wet locations. Their extra heavy duty jacket will support heavy work in mining.
  • The ground check conductor allows a safer operation of the electrical system, since it is possible to constantly monitor the insulation resistance of the phase conductors.
  • Awarded the MSHA certification (CFR Title 30 Federal Regulations).