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High Voltage Projects

Since 1956, Viakon has been responsible for the newest and most advanced technology to inspire the most sophisticated cable manufacturing.

Proof of this, in association with Canada Wire & Cable Company, was completed in 1964 the tower is 43 meters high which housed inside the first vertical continuous vulcanization system in Latin America.

That same year, the plant marked the beginning of the development of power cables for medium and high voltage extruded insulation. Butyl Insulated power cables to 34.5kV. were manufactured.

Technological development continued in 1970 with the coming into operation of the double extrusion system for producing continuous vulcanization of wires (catenary). Six years later, in 1976, Viakon first manufactured in Latin America 69kV cable with thermosetting insulation. This advance took a big jump in the electrical industry, until then the largest cable voltage manufactured was of 34.5kV in the medium voltage range.

By 1984, Viakon concluded manufacturing the 115kV cable with extruded insulation and crosslinked, tested and certified for the first time in Mexico. This progress was achieved by physical and technological resources of our own.

In 1998, the capacity of the plant was expanded toward the goal of achieving the extrusion of extra high voltage cable, once again becoming the first to have this facility in Mexico. Reflecting this growth, the tower increased its height from 43 to 70 meters, staying inside a vertical line triple extrusion process for continuous dry crosslinking.

Currently Viakon continues to write history in pioneering high voltage projects, backed up with clients with global quality such as CFE.

Some high voltage projects in which we have participated:

  • Circuit Transmission Line Tangamanga.
  • Network Associate CFE Laguna II project.
  • NOINE Transmission Line.