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Viakon's Social Responsibility

To Viakon, Corporate Social Responsibility is understood as the conscious commitment and consistent, considering the expectations of all participants in the economic, social and environmental or human, showing respect for ethical values, people, communities and the environment and assisting in the construction of the common good. We firmly believe that:

The economic and social improvement of living conditions of the communities. We are aware that Mexico, and each of the countries in which we operate, have still much to do to improve society satisfiers.

Globalization is a reality. Businesses influence the development of societies, helping in the effort to eradicate poverty.

Within our Social Responsibility System, are integrated all actions of Quality of Life in Business, Community Engagement, Care Resource and Environment, and Business Ethics, principles that support the model we follow in our organization.

Quality of Life in the Company: We are committed to foster an open and inclusive background, in which each partner is highly motivated, productive and committed to boost his/her personal success and the company’s as well, through superior execution, always seeking continuous improvement.

Community Engagement: We are committed to invest time, expertise, knowledge and resources to provide opportunities for economic development, improve the quality of life and foster goodwill in our communities through initiatives that are relevant locally.

Care Resource and Environment: We promise that all operations are conducted so as to preserve and improve our environment, care for natural resources, and also integrate the principles of environmental stewardship and sustainable development into business decisions and business processes.

Business Ethics: We are committed to act according to the law and moral and ethical principles with absolute transparency and telling the truth, and to meet our commitments to customers, suppliers, investors, employees and society in general.