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B & S Gauge Original name of the AWG Standard.
Bed Protecting layer made of a soft material like jute, located on cables under the metal armor. This can also be extruded thermoplastic material.
Belt Cable Multiple-conductor with an isolation layer on the set of insulated conductors.
BIL Basic Impulse Level. This is the system’s capacity measure for excessive voltages resulting from atmospheric discharges or connection and disconnection operations.
Black smoke Coal or graphite charges to pigment external cable coatings to be installed outdoors.
BPS Digital transmission speed, measured in Bits Per Second.
Branches with a bowtie form Phenomenon that appears in the isolation of a cable. It generally has symmetrical form and it is originated in a cavity or a polluting agent and grows in two different ways.
Breakdown electric tension. Tension on which a breakdown discharge is identified through or on the isolation surface.
Bridge Measuring circuit operating by balancing four impedances through which the same current flows:

* Wheatstone – for ohmic resistance.
* Kelvin – for low ohmic resistance.
* Schering – for capacitance, power factor, dielectric constant.
Butyl Synthetic rubber, polymer of Isobutylene that contains small amounts of Isopropene. When vulcanized, this was used as electric isolation.